Alpha Mind Indicator Pack - Month to Month Access

$100.00 $80.00 / month

The AlphaMind™ Forex Indicator Pack includes our four best proprietary (Sign Up: Indicators ) designed for thinking, planning and executing trade ideas as a professional.


This pack consists of:


Our bullish/bearish trendmeter, gives a quick and clean glance at the overall market trend as well as newly emerging trends. It can also be used as an early indicator for trend reversals.


Our very own bullish/bearish market confluence indicator. Providing additional confluence to trade ideas in the direction of the current projected market trend.


This indicator auto plots market structure according to higher highs, higher lows, lower highs and lower lows. A visual aid for students just becoming familiar with the market and a time-saver for experts.


Our flagship state of the art algorithm. Combining automatic plotting of market structure, support, resistance, key levels, projected trends, and more. Featuring automatic alerts.


AlphaMind™ Proprietary Indicators and Algorithmic AI will not be found anywhere else. These tools help to develop our students skills while adding additional confluence to support trade entries and strategies.

This month to month option grants access to proprietary AlphaMind™ Indicators with a valid monthly subscription.