AlphaMind™ is an educational platform and investment research firm focused on training the next generation of traders in projects related to foreign currency exchange, blockchain technology, digital currency and crypto assets.


The AlphaMind™ Trading Course is an incredible resource for improving investing knowledge, financial asset research and gaining familiarity with the ever evolving world of financial asset trading.

Our video content is very clear and easy to understand.

Our quizzes and final exam ensure you are retaining all of the knowledge.

Our information is continuously updated.

Our educators are available to answer your questions

Upon graduating, you will be invited to our exclusive private community where our other AlphaMind™ graduate members share ideas, perform group exercises and grow collectively.

We are a team of trading experts, coders, and algorithm developers who are constantly looking for the best and most efficient systems to trade. Our focus is combining our trading knowledge with technology. We educate our clients on all of the systems and techniques we use to perform trades.

Past performance is not always an indication of future results.

Anyone from absolute beginners with zero experience or history trading to experienced traders.

The course is designed to be a full trading education spanning from beginner to advanced knowledge. It features an Introduction To Trading, Fundamental Analysis, Market Sentiment, Technical Analysis, Price Action, Entry Types & Strategies, Risk Management, Examples of Trades, Order Placement, Trade Management, Psychology, the use of AI indicators and more.

To register, visit the Enroll section of this website and select your enrollment option. Once the enrollment fee is paid, you will gain instant access.


AlphaMind™ began as an artificial intelligence trading algorithm. Working with industry professionals we combined their senior level knowledge with clever coding to create systems and indicators which would give ourselves an idea of when to “Buy” or “Sell” a number of different financial assets such as currencies, commodities and stocks based on certain conditions being met.

The problem with algorithms is the complexity of what makes financial assets move. There are a lot of factors and forces outside of simply analyzing digital charts which influence the behaviors of price and also influences how a trader is able to successfully enter and exit trade ideas depending on the worlds market conditions. Although we haven’t successfully created a completely “all-in-one” robot which can trade automatically at all times, we’ve been able to use our experience and technology to give our trading ideas the validation we need.

Fast forward to today, we’ve combined all of the most vital information and skills to assist the trading careers of our community members. In the AlphaMind™ Introductory Trading Lesson, new traders will learn the foundational information on what trading is; more specifically what Forex Trading is and how it works.

Upon completing this lesson, anyone who decides trading is something they would like to dive into further as a career or other opportunity will be able to register for the full trading course. Inside we will be sharing all of our trading knowledge. This is the exact same knowledge and information members of our team and colleagues use to execute our trades internally every day. In addition, we would also continue to share any new knowledge or updates we determine to be valid, as well as access to our proprietary AI tools and our exclusive private trader community. We hope you enjoy the experience of the AlphaMind™ Trading Platform.

Meet Your Educator

In rapidly evolving market conditions you should learn from the best. Our instructor is a veteran of the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency market. After completing several impressive account growth challenges publicly, Rafael has proven his ability to understand foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets in a wide range of circumstances and environments. Expect Rafael and his team of AlphaMind™ market traders to share the most up to date information through the exclusive AlphaMind™ community group.